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            Microsoft and VMware Partner across cloud and client to help customers accelerate their digital transformation


            VMware announced a partnership with Microsoft that allows joint customers to embrace Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE? as well extending Windows Virtual Desktops with VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure to meet their digital workspace needs.

            In addition, Dell Technologies and Microsoft will deliver a fully native VMware based cloud infrastructure solution on Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to migrate VMware-based applications from the data center to the cloud to extend their datacenter environments seamlessly to the cloud. These Azure VMware Solutions are first-party Microsoft services that will be delivered by Microsoft through select VMware Cloud Verified partners including Virtustream (a Dell Technologies company) and Cloud Simple.

            Together, VMware and Microsoft continue to deliver innovative enterprise solutions that enhance user experience and productivity, improve enterprise security, accelerate our customers’ digital transformation and journey to the cloud.


            JOINT SOLUTIONS 

            Azure VMware Solutions


            Azure VMware Solutions will be built on VMware Cloud Foundation - a comprehensive offering of software defined compute, storage, networking and management – deployed in Azure along with an integrated set of Azure services. With these solutions, customers can capitalize on VMware’s broadly deployed and trusted cloud infrastructure while experiencing the power of Microsoft Azure.


            Azure VMware Solutions give customers the power to seamlessly migrate, extend and run existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the cost, effort or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. Customers will be able to build, run, manage, and secure new and existing applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure while extending a single model for operations based on established tools, skills and processes as part of a hybrid cloud strategy.


            Some of the more popular customer scenarios Azure VMware Solutions will support are app migration and datacenter expansion, disaster recovery and business continuity and modern application development.


            Azure VMware Solutions enable organizations to tap into Azure’s scale, security and fast provisioning cycles to innovate and modernize applications while also improving performance. By integrating with native Azure services, customers can more easily infuse advanced capabilities like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT into their applications enabling new, intelligent experiences.


            Azure VMware Solutions are first-party services from Microsoft developed in collaboration with VMware Cloud Verified partners CloudSimple and Virtustream (a Dell Technologies company).

            Accelerate Microsoft 365 Deployments with Workspace ONE

            Leveraging best-of-breed technologies from Microsoft and VMware, joint Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE customers will be able to get the most out of their digital workspace across device platforms while maximizing existing and future investments. Specifically, customers will be able to use Workspace ONE to manage and secure the powerful productivity features of Office 365 across devices through integration with Microsoft EM+S and Azure Active Directory.

            Horizon Cloud on Azure

            VMware helps accelerate our customers' move to the cloud with a range of deployment options to transition at their own pace. Microsoft, one of the fastest-growing Infrastructure-as-a-service providers, supports our multi-cloud strategy by allowing customers to host virtual desktops and Windows apps across more datacenters and locations. Together, joint customers can connect their own instance of Azure to our intuitive VMware Horizon? Cloud control plane, creating a comprehensive cloud-hosted solution with federated access to Azure Active Directory (AD). The integration of Microsoft Azure to our existing Horizon Cloud service offers numerous benefits to our customers:

            Microsoft recently announced Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the only service that delivers a multi-session Widows 10 experience, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops and apps. VMware will now extend the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop to enable customers to further accelerate their cloud initiatives. Initial capabilities are expected to be available as a tech preview by the end of this calendar year.


            • True Multicloud Deployments: Choose between cloud-hosted capacity managed by VMware or bring your own public cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.
            • Expanded Geographic Reach: Take advantage of the many Microsoft Azure data center regions across the globe.
            • Hourly Billing for Azure Capacity: Enjoy true consumption-based pricing on infrastructure, down to the minute with no upfront costs or termination fees.
            • Apps and IaaS from a Single Provider: Existing Azure customers will be able to easily manage and deliver virtual desktops and apps from the cloud without adding more cloud infrastructure providers into the mix.

            CloudHealth by VMware

            CloudHealth is the most trusted software platform for accelerating global business transformation in the cloud. Known for offering the highest levels of data integrity and scalability, CloudHealth enables customers to optimize, secure, and govern their Microsoft Azure environments. Now part of VMware, CloudHealth is the platform of choice for leading enterprises and service providers.

            • Maximize Your ROI. Model purchases, evaluate utilization, and account for amortization of Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances.
            • Improve Efficiency. Identify underutilized infrastructure and get actionable recommendations for rightsizing millions of Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Databases.
            • Centralize Governance. Create custom policies that automate daily cloud operations, speed decision making, and reduce risk.
            • Mitigate Security Risks. Get alerts for non-compliant accounts and assets, so you stay one step ahead of security issues.

            NSX Cloud on Azure

            VMware NSX Cloud delivers consistent networking and security for applications running natively in public clouds such as Azure. It leverages the same control plane and data plane as NSX Data Center, enabling end-to-end policy management across data centers and clouds. With NSX Cloud, you can continue using Azure’s infrastructure and application services for workloads without limitation while retaining the same networking and security controls as in the data center. NSX Cloud offers:


            • Consistent Security Across Clouds
            • End-to-end Operational Control and Visibility
            • Precise Control Over Cloud Networking

            Ease the Journey to Modern Windows 10 Management with Workspace ONE

            VMware Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch? technology combines cloud-based, modern management of PCs with intelligent insights and automation to empower IT and minimize TCO. It is the most cost-efficient solution to manage and secure the complete PC lifecycle alongside other endpoints from a unified platform. The unified endpoint management (UEM) technology combines the requirements of traditional PC lifecycle management and the modern EMM approaches to reinvent traditional PC lifecycle management tasks like onboarding, software distribution, patching and security; allowing PCs to be managed over-the-air, on- or off-domain, and across use cases.


            Workspace ONE is the only UEM platform that supports co-management across all users, use cases, and phases of PC lifecycle. It flexibly co-exists with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to ease risk and effort in transitioning to modern PC management and get to lower cost faster.

            Optimize Skype for Business on the Horizon platform

            Customers get an enhanced user experience with VMware and Microsoft’s optimized solution for Skype for Business. The combined solution creates a direct, peer-to-peer endpoint virtual channel that offloads media processing to endpoints, avoiding excess bandwidth consumption at the datacenter. This means higher productivity for mobile and remote workers accessing Skype from slow public Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

            Secure Intelligent IoT Edge to Cloud Offering Featuring Dell Edge Gateway, Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and VMware Pulse IoT Center

            As customers prepare for IoT use cases like predictive maintenance and supply chain visibility, they need to ensure the underlying IoT infrastructure is robust, secure and scalable. Typically, businesses spend a lot of time, resources and money trying to get disparate IoT hardware and software modules to work together in a manner that meets business needs as well as stringent IT department standards for management and security.

            Our joint IoT solution will help customers accelerate and simplify deployment of IoT edge solutions by providing the requisite hardware and software as well as the means to manage it in a secure and controlled manner.

            Deployed together, Dell Edge Gateways can be “pre-provisioned” with VMware Pulse and Azure IoT Edge to simplify deployment and change management. The solution includes a managed edge gateway from the hardware up and addresses the security concerns of IoT gateways for healthcare, financial, manufacturing and retail organizations that require regulatory compliance.



            To learn more about the VMware and Microsoft alliance, and related joint offerings, please email Paul Ford at pford@vmware.com or Melissa Webb at wmelissa@vmware.com.

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